About Carolyn

Welcome!  I'm so glad you stopped by to visit!  Grab a tall glass of sweet tea with a slice of fresh lime and a sprig of fresh mint.  Let's spend some time together.

I was born in the 1900's in the piney woods of East Texas - I'm basically mid-century modern.  Never would I have imagined that one day I would call the Texas panhandle my home.  Somethin' about meetin' a cute West Texas boy at Baylor and becoming his wife.  After raising 3 amazing, funny, handsome sons, I'm now a retired stay-at-home mom (RSAHM - it's a thing).  Most days I'm an ordinary housewife with bad bangs.  I kid you not.  My bangs are the bane of my existence.  They are thin and have enough natural curl to create unbecoming patterns on my rather high forehead.  I love to bake cookies.  I love to eat cookies.  If I could spend a day with a big plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies warm 

from the oven and a good book, my sedentary soul would be right with the world.  Just between you and me, I could also while away a happy day watching Turner Classic Movies while eating the whole plate of cookies.

Truth be told I hated - HATED - writing  for most of my life.  Then, I began to compose Christmas letters when the boys were toddlers.  Those letters became my yearly literary challenge.  Funny, light and not boring were my goals.  Between selling enough Boy Scout popcorn to score a little faux Swiss army knife and engineering glitter-coated turtle traps for our back yard, the boys gave me plenty of ammo for those yuletide missives.


Sometime way back in 2010, a friend said some life-changing words to me.  "You should totally blog."  I didn't even know what "blogging" meant.  I timidly accepted the challenge and "Finding the Funny" was born.  Aptly named because I have a knack for finding humor in the darndest places.  My first Finding the Funny post leapt out into cyberspace to a crowd of none.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ta Da.

It took me so long to set up this blog that I now have nothing to say.  I can't figure out how to change my font colors on the titles, etc.  I clicked on "Help."  It links me to answers out there on the web.  I can't even understand most of them.  This is really fun.


Then, came The Meems.  My little mother.  The last of my family of origin.  In hot, humid August of 2010 at the age of 84, she finally raised the white flag and surrendered her independence.  We packed up her home of 34 years and moved her to West Texas.  That is when our relationship began to change.  From good to the absolute best.


While Meems is the generally the source of my ramblings, every now and then I'll travel back in time to visit the little boys who once ran through the house p-yew-p-yew-p-yewing guns contrived from legos or K'nex.  I need to tell those stories.  Mostly, just for me.  For you see, I am a mid-century modern old fool.