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On January the 9th, 1926, Helen Kathryn Williams came bouncing into the world.  Her daddy dubbed her "Doodlebug."  She had big blue eyes and honey-brown hair.  She loved to sing and dance.  She was destined for big things.  She became an extraordinarily ordinary wife, teacher, and mother of 3.


She's had many names over the years besides Doodlebug.  Her 3 brothers called her "Sis."  Her grown children called her "Little Mother."  She chose "Mimi" as her grandmother name.  My middle son coined the name "The Meems" during the time he spent in Waco as a Baylor student.  "The Meems is going to make dinner for me and do my laundry."  Since then, the name "Meems" has kind of stuck. 


Meems has weathered many storms:  a sad divorce, the loss of 2 of her adult children, the loss of all 3 of her brothers, the loss of her eyesight, and breast cancer - twice.  Through it all, her faith, optimism, and sense of humor kept her smiling and happy.  No kidding.  She wakes up happy 99.999% of the time.  She has the magical ability to laugh at herself.  


When Meems turned 80, she began to have little mishaps.  A fall here.  A fall there.  Some missing fingernails.  Trips to the ER.  She was fiercely independent despite being declared legally blind due to macular degeneration about 15 years ago.  "Losing my drivers license was like losing an old friend," she pined.  When she needed a ride to the grocery store, she called Waco Transit.  She'd hop on the little bus and off she'd go.  Her friends provided transportation to church and movies and concerts in the park.  She was back in the ball game.   

Finally, the day came when she called me and said quietly, "I'm ready to move to Lubbock."  Yet another trip to the ER was the last straw.  She "loaded up the truck and moved to Lubbock, T."  It is there that our story - my blog - begins.