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  • by Carolyn Lackey

The Talk

This will be a no frills, no edit quicky. But, I just had to tell you what Meems told me today.

She was cuddled in her favorite fetal position napping when I arrived at about 2:00. I lowered the bars on the side of the bed she faced and got down on my knees to steal some hugs and kisses. She slowly parted her eyelids a bit.

Her voice is so soft now that I have to put my ear up next to her lips and listen intently. Envision that. Me on my knees with my ear on Meem's mouth.

Meems: "Have you had the talk yet?"

Me: "What talk is that, Mom?"

Meems: "The one with the boys."

Me: ................

Meems: "About sex."

Me: "You think I need to have a talk with the boys about SEX?!"

Meems: "Yes."

Me (hopping on that train for a ride): "What should I tell them?"

Meems (thinks for a bit): "Tell them that now that they're getting older, their bodies are going to be changing."

Me (Choooo! Choooo!): "Anything else?"

Meems (slowly): "Tell them that they're gonna have feelings. And, that's OK. But, they need to be careful."

Our sons are now 30, 28, and 25. It's high time that I had that talk with them. Again.

Thanks, Meems, I'll get right on that.

Boys, you're gonna feel normal stuff now that you're a certain age. Be careful.

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