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  • by Carolyn Lackey

Chocolate Bunnies

Meems has a new obsession. It's all she thinks about day and night. Just this afternoon when I cuddled up beside her while she was taking her afternoon nap, she opened one eye and whispered, "Do you have any chocolate candy on ya?"

Whenever someone visits, her first response isn't "I'm glad you came to see me!" or even "Who are you?" Nope. Your identity matters not. She's all "Did you bring me some chocolate?"

I now keep a stash of Hershey bar minis in a drawer in her room. She doesn't know that it's there. Her dementia and macular degeneration sometimes play to my advantage. When she asks for chocolate, I sneak over to the drawer and grab some little bars. Then, I mysteriously present them to her one at a time like a magician pulling a quarter from her ear. Voila!

Yesterday during my visit, I asked her to hold up her chocolate and give me a smile so that I could snap a picture. "I can't smile while I'm eating chocolate."

Eating chocolate. It's serious business.

Right now, her favorite grandchild is my middle son, Bryce. She's not always sure what his name is other than, "the grandson who brings chocolate." Bryce doesn't just bring a couple of Hershey kisses. He's all go-big-or-go-home when it comes to lavishing his Meems with her favorite sweets.

A few days ago, he visited Meems just after she'd been put to bed. She wakes up from her afternoon nap at 4:00, has dinner at 5:00, and then clamors to go back to bed. The caregivers try to keep her up until 7:00. It's not easy. "I'm ready for bed." "I'm ready for bed." "I'm ready for bed."

When Bryce walked into the room, she woke right up when he mentioned that he brought a chocolate bunny. A SOLID CHOCOLATE BUNNY. This was the second solid chocolate bunny he's given her this spring. He just just breaks off giant hunks of bunny and let's her get after it.

Every time she eats either a morsel or a bunny head of chocolate she says the same thing.

"That's SOOO good."

I have to agree. Chocolate is SOOO good. Question: Do solid chocolate bunnies freeze well?

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