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Special Delivery

Wrapping gifts is my love language. On a rare occasion, I'll pop a gift into a gift sack if I'm recovering from the flu or my hands have been chopped off. I have a drawer full of just-in-case gift sacks because I'm of a certain age and it's "what we do."

But wrapping a gift? Heaven. I love paper. I love ribbon. I love toppers. I love thinking about whether the gift needs to be wrapped in a way that hints at the surprise inside or in a way that reflects the personality or passion of the recipient.

Last week, I had the pleasure of wrapping a very special gift for a very special person, my son's fiance! It was a simple gift really - stuff to clean her dazzling ring. But, the occasion merited something a bit fanciful. Here's the catch. I would be transporting the gift in my checked luggage.

First, I present to you the "wrap." I'd saved the very special purple box for just the right occasion. I've probably had it for two or three years. Turns out that the bride's favorite color is purple! And, she's very worthy of the special purple box!

I cut the diamond out of a magazine ad several years ago. I fortified the picture by mounting it on heavy cardstock. To give it some extra oomph, I cut a small square of styrofoam and glued it to the back of the image before I glued it onto the flower. Without the "lift," the diamond got lost in the petals.

Once the simple, but, elegant "wrap" was complete, my brain started clicking.

How. To. Protect. The. Topper.

I culled through my pile of restaurant take-out containers until I found this bowl that was a perfect fit for the topper and the box. I'd like to give a shout-out to the family members who have questioned my sanity in scrubbing "disposable" take-out containers clean. I really do use them in a multitude of ways. So, there.

After carefully tucking the ribbon up under the bowl, I secured it with rubber bands that I've saved (hear me, family) over the years. The purple one came wrapped around some fresh celery.

Then, I wrapped the whole kit and kaboodle in shipping paper that I taped securely to keep the bowl from defying the clasp of the rubber bands.

I took a large suitcase so that I could nestle the package inside underneath the heating pad I threw in at the last minute in case a body part ached over the weekend.

My suitcase bounced around in the belly of the Houston-bound plane for a little over an hour. Next, it ascended on the conveyor belt to the baggage claim section where it was hauled onto the tile floor of the luggage claim area. After a 45-minute drive from the airport across Houston to the restaurant where we were meeting for a family Proposal Party, I threw open the hatch of the rental car and unearthed the gift.

And, here she is in perfect condition!

Congratulations, Hallie and Reed!!! We are thrilled to welcome Hallie into our family!

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2 comentarios

18 jun

Co graduations! So happy you are adding another female to your family!!! Lovely packaging!!

Me gusta

18 jun

What a beautiful way to welcome her into your family! She has only begun to see how very blessed she is.

Me gusta
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