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We Need a Little Christmas

We need a little Christmas right this very minute.

A couple of weeks ago before the Grand Silence began, Meems was feeling unsettled about all of her Christmas preparations.

"What do the boys want for Christmas?"

"What do you want for Christmas?"

"What should I get Alan for Christmas?"

"Have you scheduled my ride for gingerbread pancakes?"

"Have you addressed my Christmas cards?"

Read the questions above aloud in your quietest, teeniest, tiniest voice 20 times. Do it.

Now, you've experienced the urgency of the off-season Christmastide that exists in Mimi Land.

This very morning as I ended my visit, I told her that I would be back this afternoon with some fruitcake. "I love you, Mom." I could tell that she was trying to respond. I leaned in expecting to hear a sweet, tender "I love you, too." Instead, she asked, "Is that (the fruitcake) my Christmas present?"

As the process of packing up for Heaven progresses with Meems' awareness and wakefulness slowly diminishing, we have decided to have a little Christmas in June. We can have it again in July, August, September, October, November, and December if time and memory allow.

Tomorrow, Alan is going to whip up a batch of our traditional Christmas morning gingerbread pancakes. I will make the orange marmalade syrup this afternoon. And, wrap the gifts. Yes, wrap the gifts.

But first, I need to head up to the attic to retrieve Mom's Christmas wreath. If I was a king-sized, super-duper, A1 daughter, I would also bring down a tree, lights, and ornaments. Sigh.

Here's the plan: Tomorrow at 2PM, we are going to have Christmas "morning" at 219 Aberdeen House at Wedgewood South. There will be music and presents and pancakes and love overflowing. The Corsicana fruitcake that Alan and Bryce ordered online will be tucked into a Christmas gift sack. Even though Mom has already enjoyed a few slices, she'll be thoroughly surprised and delighted when she opens it. The good news is that if she opens it again in July, August, September, October, November, and December, this week's fruitcake will still be "fresh."

Who knows? Some Christmas carolers may come by to serenade her with "Away in a Manger" in 3 part harmony. It could happen. It could be you. Fun times.

Here's a shout-out to Joel Allard in San Antonio, TX:

Hey, Joel! Thanks so much for sharing your gingerbread pancake recipe with Southern Living magazine! Your pancakes have graced our Christmas morning breakfast table for yeeeeeears. I think of you fondly as I slather a steaming stack with butter and watch the golden brown cascade of orange marmalade syrup trickle down over the layers onto my plate. Dem's good pancakes!

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