• by Carolyn Lackey


As I sat with Meems helping her eat her supper the other day, she told me that she had been to two colleges.

"I went to a junior college and a senior college."

"TWO colleges! That's amazing! Which two?"

"I went to junior college in Nacogdoches, then I went to senior college at the University of Texas."

This answer was both on point and random. She attended Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches for her undergrad degree. While I was in high school, she taught school while working on a master's degree from Baylor.

University of Texas? All I could think was, "Won't Jane be happy?!" (Jane is a lifelong friend who was brainwashed with UT propoganda by her older brother, Sam, from a very young age. She was the only kid I knew who had a little stuffed Bevo when we were 8 years old. Just sayin'.)

She pensively sat munching on the hip of her last chocolate bunny (one hip down, one to go). And then, she said something rather profound.

"I've forgotten everything I've ever learned."

She returned to the bunny hip leaving me in deep thought.

My eyes welled with tears. I thought of all that she had taught me over my lifetime. Music. Art. Love.

How much of all that I've ever learned have I forgotten? 50%? 75%? 98%?

I know I'm well past 50%. Inasmuch* as I was famous for renting movies from Blockbuster that we had already seen and to this day hold the world's record for not being able to remember whether or not I've already read certain novels, I'd probably say at least 75% of my worldly knowledge has already seeped out of my brain.

This morning, I challenged myself to think of specific things I learned in college. I remember something about Keats' Endymion, but I had to google it to "remember" that the first line is one of my favorite first lines. I was an elementary ed major with a specialization in earth science. All these years later, I can't really tell the difference between marble countertops and granite. The word "igneous" sounds kind of familiar.

Those words.

"I can't remember anything I've ever learned."

I've decided that the best thing for me to do at this point is KEEP LEARNING.

What say you, my friend?

*It's a legit word. You learned that. You just forgot.

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