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For Where Your Pictures Are

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

You can tell a lot about a person when you forage through all the pictures they've taken over a lifetime. As I've poured over Meems' piles and piles of pictures over the past few weeks , a pattern of the things that were important to her back when she was fully awake and aware rose clearly to the surface.

I'm saving the reveal of those pictures for when we celebrate her life. They communicate more about her than words can ever express. Even those of you who knew her when she lived on Rockview might be surprised to discover the things that she valued enough to photograph. Hundreds of pictures. HUNDREDS.

This morning, as I was taking a Instagram worthy picture of a gift I wrapped last night, I thought about what story my piles and files of pictures will tell those who are left to feel my absence.

Spoiler alert: You do not have to wait until the celebration of my life to discover what my pictures say about me. I'm going to spill it right now.

First of all, let me explain that I am not including the hundreds of pictures that I took certain items so that Alan could find a like items in a store. Those things have no connection to my heart and soul. But, they have everything to do with helping my man find the right kind of yogurt that I'm out of. Those pictures have almost eradicated explanations like "You said it was in a purple box. This box has purple on it."

[Note to self: Need to blog about all the items I've taken pictures of to help someone find the right item at the store. Need to beg people to share a picture that they've texted to an exasperated shopper.]

Now for my list. Not included in my list are "family" and "food I'm about to devour."

national parks


Seaside, FL


holiday decor

wrapped gifts (my favorite hobby)


I'm curious. What is it that you photograph the most? Where is your heart? Do tell.

And, on occasion, I take pictures of really beautiful produce for no apparent reason.

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