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  • by Carolyn Lackey

Three Mystery Men

On my way into town a couple of weekends ago after a girl trip with my niece, my first stop was to visit Missy Meems. When I arrived at her place, she was sitting in her wheelchair in the common area "watching" the Cowboys game. No, she is not a Cowboys fan. I used the word "watching" very loosely.

Me (leaning in really close so that she could either identify my face or smell my breath...): Hey! How are you?

Meems: good.

Once she recognized either my face, my voice, or my breath, she slowly released a cheeky smile.

Meems: you're back.

Awesome! She remembered that I had been gone for a few days!

Me: Yes! I just drove in from Santa Fe and dropped Kelly off at her apartment!

Silence. Then...

Meems: i thought you went out of town with three men.

Me: Three men?!!! No, ma'am. I went with your granddaughter, Kelly!

Meems: oh. i thought you left town with three men.

Me: Nope! That would never happen. Unless, of course, the three men are my three sons!

Meems: good. i'm glad you didn't leave town with three men. if you had, i couldn't be your friend anymore.

Me: Well, I'm glad that I cleared that up! I'd be sad if you unfriended me.

Silence. Staring off to the left. Thinking.

Meems (pointing to a large ficus tree across the room): i'm the only one who put up a christmas tree.


Three men. A "Christmas" tree in September. Meems. Meems. Meems.

I have no idea how to explain the upcoming trip I'm going on. I'll be traveling with a man who is a stranger to her. My hubs, Alan. This time next week, I may be short one friend.

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