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  • by Carolyn Lackey

Home is Where the Finial Is

Meems' move went really smoothly yesterday despite the cold and rain. My favorite moving company, C&D moving, arrived as the clock gonged nine times. They were fast and efficient and so, so sweet. Both Curtis and Dennis gave me a hug when they saw my tears begin to flow. Dennis sings while he works, so that was really comforting.

Once they unloaded at the new place, they both gave me a hug and talked of God's goodness. Doesn't get better than that. Oh, wait. It did get even better. Dennis' wife (my dear friend), Stacy, came to help me hang pictures. She is a breath of fresh air steeped in sweet goodness wrapped in trendy leopard prints. She has the best smile and a soft, soothing voice. Manna for my soul.

When Meems and her BFF arrived, the room was almost ready. While they enjoyed their lunch, Stacy tapped in the last nail and hung the last picture. Then, came the unveiling. Meems was so tired, she didn't respond much to the new digs. The new caregiver gently tucked her into bed. Sweet Meems was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

A few things go with Mom wherever she goes. These are things that she most of the time recognizes as belonging to her:

1) her dainty yellow love seat that graced the sitting area in her kitchen in Waco

2) the painting of the girls on the beach which she loves dearly

3) one of the fancy living room lamps with its beautiful pink quartz finial

4) her BFF who prays a blessing over her room every time she makes a move

Meems slept like a baby last night. So did I. Thanks for all of your sweet words, dear friends!

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