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An Easter to Remember

I didn't decorate the house for Easter this year which is saying a lot because I have amassed a considerable amount of vintage Easter decor of which I am overly fond. I just didn't feel like it. Dragging those boxes down from upstairs felt like an unsurmountable, tiring task. I. Just. Couldn't. My thoughts kept going back in time to beautiful Easter tables filled with Easter-finery-clad family chatting over plates heavy-laden with honey-baked ham and potato salad. I gave in to my whiny lazies and did nothing.

Turns out, all of the Easters of bygone days have blended together into one big memory of the "trappings" of Easter - new clothes, decorated eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Easter food (particularly during church). No single Easter stuck out in my mind as an Easter to Remember. Until this Easter. The Easter of no decor, no family gathering, no new clothes. It was the plainest, yet most meaningful and spiritual Easter in the history of Easters in our home. It was just us 'n' Jesus with ham and scalloped potatoes on the side. I ain't going to lie. Comfort food played a role in saving the day.

Alan and I "attended" two church services in our jammies.

Andrea Bocelli popped in for a bit. Thanks, Andrea. Your voice floated through our home sprinkling down tender, sweet peace.

We dined on the back porch in the bright sunshine. The new scalloped potato recipe I tried was OUT-STANDING. Crunchy-cheesy-crispy in every bite.

We visited Meems through the glass. Check out the note that she's "holding" in the photo below.

We visited Alan's mom at her independent living facility. You can't really see her in the picture. According to rumor, our visit did her heart good. When I called to tell her to look out the window, she put the phone down and walked over to the window. So, we couldn't establish ground to fourth-floor communication.

The piece de resistance was Alan's much-celebrated Lemon Cheesecake. Creamy-tangy-crunchy in every bite.

All of this I accomplished in PJs and yoga pants. All our the Covid-19 improvisations resulted in a truly spiritual, memorable, and happy Easter of celebrating the Risen Son of the Most High. Just straight up, good old Jesus.

Amen and amen.

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