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Meems' Celebration Information

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

FF to 15:00.

The link will be available for a couple of weeks. Enjoy!


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Dana Cotton Starr
Dana Cotton Starr
Sep 23, 2020

What a perfectly wonderful celebration of your mother's life. I didn't have the chance to actually know her but through your writing and this wonderful tribute, I feel like I kind of do know her.


Aug 22, 2020

Carolyn, what a beautiful & loving service you had for your mom! In hearing about your mom, it reminded me of my mom, who was also a depression baby. They were a lot alike. I laughed and cried at the things that I remember about my mom. I still miss her so much. She passed away the end of February, 2001, 3 months after I had moved from Washington state to Texas. She was born & raised in Kentucky. There have been so many times since her passing that I have wanted to call her and tell her that she did the same things that people in Texas do.

I also loved what Alan said about the “special” sharing of…

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